January 2013

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Scentura Creations' line of High Quality rendition fragrances brings you designer quality at a fraction of the cost.

Since consolidating their product line in 1986, Scentura Creations has spared no expense and has gone to any length necessary to bring you the highest quality fragrances at a fraction of retail cost.

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Quality Ingredients

Scentura Creations uses only the finest ingredients from around the world. Raw materials are gathered and processed in Grasse, France known throughout the perfume world for its expertise.

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Superior Manufacturing

The process of perfume manufacturing is very exacting. From the first flower picked to the last fragrant drop, perfection is the single goal. To this end, an international team of the world's most respected suppliers work in collaboration with Scentura.

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Efficient Distribution

Having established such a loyal base of independent distributors, Scentura can cut out the high overhead costs of middlemen and department store mark ups.

Experience the quality of Scentura Creations

Scentura Creations' world-renowned product line is available for purchase online today.

Visit our website to view our vast selection of men and women's fragrances, including:

  • Curve Rendition*
  • Coolwater Rendition*
  • Armani Mania Rendition*
  • Juicy Couture Rendition*
  • Paris Hilton Rendition*
*Scentura Creations makes no claims to any trademarks owned by other manufacturers.
" I've been using Scentura Creations' products for 20 years, and I still get compliments on a regular basis. Why would anyone pay department store retail when Scentura Creations provides a fantastic product at a great price. "
- Alan Haigler, Charlotte, NC